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"and the beat goes on..."

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This site is a memorial to John David Garcia and is dedicated to publishing his writings on evolutionary ethics in English and Spanish.  The Top Menu above will take you to the full collection of publications, but many people who have studied John David Garcia's writings in depth suggest the third book, Creative Transformation, as the best starting point for those new to these works. You can click to it here. 

COPYING: All unprotected text on this website may be copied and used and distributed in any form, so long as each individual work, book or essay, is copied and distributed in full, exactly as given on the web page, with no changes, additions, or deletions in the body of the text or in any of the figures. Everyone is free to make any comments they wish before or at the end of the text. Quotes of full sentences and paragraphs are permitted, if they are clearly set off in quotation marks with the full sources given for each quote, as to, and/or the books and/or essays from which the quotes were culled. Materials from password-protected areas may not be copied in whole or in part in any form.