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I am 6'2", 188cm. tall.   I weigh too much maybe, I know, but losing weight is really hard.   My hair was blond, gone gray.  Same for my beard, but it was gray when I was 25!   From my appearance, my ethnic heritage must be Northern European.   I'm not sure, since I was raised in an orphanage and have no knowledge of my parents.  My official birthdate is August 28, 1945, but it's really anyone's guess (within a week or so)!   But I am 74 years old, and sometimes feel younger, and sometimes older.   I am unmarried, and not particularly happy with that fact.   I have no children and am not interested in starting a family.  I like kids, but not babies!

Personal Activities
I have a varied collection of hobbies and interests.   I really enjoy the travel that has been associated with my employment, and have learned much from the people I have met, from kings to peddlers.   The pursuits of these interesting folks have captured my attention wherever I am, and it's been quite easy to share their excitement as they "do their thing".
I collect "round things" (explanation takes too long), dice, and bears.   I also carry bears with me when I travel and hand them out to kids all over the world.   I am currently passing out a bear that is very much like a "beanie bear".

Personal Attitudes
I am quite disillusioned by what's happening in American society.   That includes the educational system, the legal system, the so-called representative government that we have lost control of, and the general attitude of the populace toward family and relationships.   We are a selfish society, only concerned for what we as individuals can get from our institutions and relationships, and taking no responsibility for anything.  We have become fodder for the economic machine, and are doing a great job of purchasing, consuming, reproducing, and growing.  And destroying the rest of the world in the process.
Will we wake up?    Can we stop?    I doubt it, so I have stopped fighting it.  I will concentrate on what I can do for those immediately around me.
I have traveled enough in the world, and worked under enough other systems to realize that the entire world has not gone completely crazy, but no place is perfect.   So I probably should share my talents with people who still care, right?
So.... where are those people?

Personal Preferences
So what do I want in my life?   To be VERY specific, I want to live overseas, teach, and keep learning!
What will make me happy?   Good question!  Probably anything, anyone, and anyplace that cares about me and that I can care about and offers me something worthwhile to do.   I'm not too inclined to compromise, but reality will be whatever it is, and I'll do my best to be "ME" in the process.
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