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Sunrise Asian
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70 West 29th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97405
Tel: (541) 343-3295

Seaweed: Sunrise offers an all-purpose seaweed selection. We provide roasted seaweed for sushi with prices in accordance to the quality you seek. Also, we have seaweed perfect for a variety of soups, such as the popular Miso and Miyukgook soups. If you seek seaweed for a little munching on the go, our Ajizuke Teriyaki seaweed and seasoned roasted seaweeds are ideal. All these seaweeds come in many packages and sizes that range from a mere 5 sheets to 100 sheets! Pictures

Rice: Sunrise offers you a vast variety of rices for every cooking occasion. We have many different sushi rice brands such as Kokuho and Nishiki. And if you don’t want to buy a 25 or 50 pound bag of rice, have no fear, because we also have smaller sizes of 5 pounds. If you are simply looking for some rice to munch on with a meal, come take a look at our medium and short-grained rices. If you want to try a long-grained rice with an aromatic flavor, we also offer jasmine rice. And when you want to go with something a little sweeter, Thai sweet rice is perfect for you. We also house Basmati, red jasmine, brown jasmine, black and brown rices.

Noodles: We have oodles and oodles of different noodles. Come and browse our rice noodles that come in dry, fresh, and frozen packages. We have a variety of different brands to help you make a delicious dish of Phad Thai or Vietnamese Pho. Not only do we carry an assortment of rice noodles, but we also provide wheat noodles used in many Japanese, Korean, and Chinese dishes, such as chow mein and yakisoba. Sunrise also carries mung bean noodles that are ideal for egg rolls and salads. In addition, our noodle section includes sweet potato noodles, used in one of Korea’s most popular dishes—Jabchae, noodles with vegetables and beef. Many different types of instant ramen are also available for times when you would prefer a quick but satisfying meal or snack. We carry everything from Korea’s Shinramen and Japan’s Nishin Yakisoba, to Indonesia’s Migorang. Pictures

Frozen Products: We offer an expansive list of seafood. Particularly popular is our fish selection for sushi and sashimi, which includes tuna, hamachi, shrimp, izumidai, cuttlefish, and tobiko (roe). All these fish products are ready to be placed in a delicious base of soup or stir fry. We also carry tilapia, milk fish, an assortment of mackerel, and pollack. If you are looking for a little bit of everything from the sea, you will find mixed seafood that can be added to any meal. In addition, we have processed seafoods like tempura and fish balls that can be used in stir fry. Should you seek a mouth-watering appetizer, our potsticker, dumpling, and shumai selection should do the trick. We also offer spring roll skins and natto, fermented beans popular in Japan. Pictures

Tea: Looking for a fragrant tea or seeking something new to add to your tea collection? Then come and discover our large and growing tea selection. We have the household favorites like Jasmine, Oolong, and Green tea perfect for any occasion. We also carry ginger, ginseng, Masala, bubble, and chrysanthemum tea from different manufacturers. Our most popular tea brands include Yamamoto Yama, Maeaen tea, and Dongseo. You can get our delicious teas in loose form or in little tea bags. And we offer both cold and hot teas perfect for every season of the year. We even carry teas with specific remedies that target pimple removal, diets, and stress.