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Sunrise Asian
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70 West 29th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97405
Tel: (541) 343-3295

Meat: We have fresh meat cut every day for cooking purposes. We specially cut the meat in thin slices for popular Asian meat dishes like Shabu Shabu that require slices to be thin. These thin slices of meat are also used in Korean barbeque beef and ribs. We also carry pork belly for the Korean dish Samgyubsal. Sunrise also carries other unique meat products used in many Asian dishes, such as pork belly, liver, spleen, ears, feet, kidney, blood, and even pig heads that we will specially order on any occasion. Pictures

Produce: Many Asian dishes require unique Asian produce that is hard to find in your average grocery store. We provide fresh produce weekly, and our produce section is always well-stocked. Gai Lon (Chinese broccoli), Shanghai Bok Choy, Choy Som, Chinese eggplant are just a few of the Chinese vegetables we carry. In addition to these Chinese vegetables, we also carry Korean pepper, zucchini, and lobok. If you are attempting to create a Thai concoction, we provide Thai eggplant and chili peppers. Items that are hard to find such as chrysanthemum leaves and gobo are also part of our stock. Not only do we have a large selection of vegetables, but we also carry many different types of fruit such as Asian pears, melons, mango, and lychee. Most of these items are carried throughout the year, but some are seasonal. Pictures