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Sunrise Asian
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70 West 29th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97405
Tel: (541) 343-3295

Deli (Hot & Cold):If you desire to take a little munching on the go, come and try our deli section. Our sushi is made every single day early in the morning so that you can eat it fresh. In addition to the popular California and Philadelphia rolls, we also roll up some other interesting sushi: Spicy rolls, Vegetarian rolls, Unagi rolls, and Korea’s own sushi, gimbab. If you are looking for some other delicious meals, try Sunrise’s very own Teriyaki Chicken, Bulgogi, Pho, and Korean Vegetable Pancakes. We also carry spring rolls, pork buns, and barbeque pork. You can even find some of our homemade sauces like peanut and bulgogi sauces in our deli. Pictures
Note: This section of our store is undergoing a change. We will no longer have hot dishes available cafeteria-style, but will be making everything "Made To Order". If you have a favorite dish that we used to have on the hot table, you can order it made fresh now. Things are still not completely set up yet, but we will try our best to accomodate you. Also, we have a new Sushi Chef in residence, and we will add a section here, highlighting her talents.

Snacks: We house tasty snacks from all over Asia for your enjoyment! We have Hana and Ume rice crackers along with other brands of senbei. If you are going for something a little sweeter, you will find our assortment of over 10 kinds of Pocky, ranging from coconut to almond, very satisfying. We also stock up on household favorites like fortune cookies, choco pies, Panda chocolate, onion rings, and almond cookies. Snacks like Julie’s Love Letters can also be a perfect gift for any occasion. Pictures

Drinks: If you want to try a new drink, our drink selection is ideal. We carry Calpico Calpis water and Sangria Ramune, popular drinks in Japan. Sunrise also offers other refreshing drinks: oolong tea, jasmine tea, green tea, an assortment of coffee drinks, and glass jelly. If you seek a fruity drink, try our Hawaiian Sun passion fruit drinks and coconuts drinks. These drinks will become a refreshing addition to your day.