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Sunrise Asian
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70 West 29th Avenue
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Korea: Sunrise carries all of the common household names like Ottogi, Sampyo, and Haechandul. We also have all the necessary ingredients to make a perfect Korean meal: roasted sesame seeds, soy bean paste, hot pepper powder, sesame oil. You can also cook up a great meat dish by trying our marinade sauces for Korean ribs. Since Koreans love their soups, we also provide an assortment of soup bases like Yukgaejang. And if you want to take a challenge by tasting something spicy, try using our kimchee base to prepare this delicious side dish popular in Korea. Pictures

Japan: Japanese dishes require soy sauce, so we carry a myriad of different soy sauces in different sizes and sodium levels. Sauces used to compliment a meal also line our shelves. Sukiyaki, okunomiyaki, tonkatsu, and yakisoba sauces are all ready to be used for these popular dishes. Because the Japanese also enjoy a good noodle dish, we provide a variety of tsuyus for cold and hot noodles. We also house SMB and House curry, widely enjoyed in Japan. We also have ingredients to sprinkle on your dishes like Panko, bread crumbs, and furikake. Pictures

China: We carry the many sauces that perfect the flavor for their most popular dishes. We have soy sauces, oyster sauces used for stir fry, plum sauces, and hoisin sauces used for marinating a delicious barbeque dish. And if you want to give your Chinese cooking a special little kick, try using some of our chili oil, Five Spice powders, soup flavors, and star aniseed. Pictures

South East Asia: We have all the trusted brands from Panthai to Maeploy. Coconut milk is a popular ingredient to many of this regionís dishes, and we offer a variety of brands like Chaokoh and Aroyd for dessert, stir fry, and curry purposes. We also carry many chili sauces that are used to add a zing to a dish. We have Srirachi chili sauce, chili garlic sauces, and sweet chili sauce for chicken and spring rolls. We also provide major necessities from fish sauces to peanut sauces. If you are in the mood for some curry dishes, we carry red, green, massaman, yellow, and panang curry bases. Pictures

Philippines: Filipinos love their soy sauces, and we provide the major brands for you: Silver Swan Soy Sauce, Marcapina Soy sauce, and Toyomansi soy sauce (lemon soy sauce). We also stock our shelves with banana and lechen sauces, used in many well-known dipping sauces.

India: Because Indian dishes require lots and lots of spices, we have created a collection of these useful spices. We carry chicken, tandoori, and vindaloo seasonings. If you are looking for oils, we carry coconut and mustard oil. Other popular items include relishes: mango, lime, chili, eggplant, and mango-lime. We also carry seeds that are hard to come by anywhere else. Our seed selection includes the following: cumin, calonji, funnel, sugar-coated funnel seed, green cardamom, coriander, and black mustard. We house many powders as well.