History of ""

The domain "" came into being in October 1996, and was designed to be a distribution channel for the written works of John David Garcia.  The first five years of its run, a great deal of time was spent in transferring John's material to the web, and translating most of it into Spanish.  As the end approached for him, he wanted make sure that the material we worked so hard to post would continue to be available free to anyone wanting it.  We tried very hard to get others interested, but even the Yahoo discussion board never really took off.  So I decided to continue the site exactly as it was built, with the addition of an extensive memorial section to John, and build it on from there.  The commercially published versions of his books are still available from his daughter or from (see the site) today

The Founding principle of the site was to promote Creativity.  That idea continues to this day.  John's original site is located here, with his memorial linked at the top.  Numerous other folks have materials posted, each developing the ideas of creativity in their own way.   Space is made available, free of charge.  An index of these pages is not available, as we prefer each individual promote his/her ideas on their own.  But I'll point you to my personal pages as an example of what can be done.

We also maintain a page of links to good free software and utilities, much of it better than what is commercially available.   Click here.

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