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Sunrise Asian
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Housewares: In order to cook up a delicious meal, utensils and supplies are a necessity. We have reliable and trustworthy rice cooker brands like National and Zojirushi, and they also range in sizes from 1 cup to 23 cups! If you want to stir up a scrumptious feast of noodles, we have woks and wok utensils of different sizes and models. We also have aluminum and bamboo steamers, perfect for steaming fish, vegetables, dim sum, and sweet sticky rice. Basic utensils such as spoons, chopsticks, and sushi mats are also available. If you want decorative houseware, that of course can be used as well, we offer beautiful tea sets and plates. Pictures

Videos: We rent out all the latest hit dramas and miniseries from Korea and Japan. In addition to these dramas and miniseries, we also have fun entertainment shows and movies as well. We also have timeless Chinese classics. Pictures